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Requirement to correct deadline looms as HMRC details penalties

HMRC has issued updated guidance to the requirement to correct (RTC) rules for offshore liabilities and non-compliance, with the 30 September deadline rapidly approaching.

News on no deal Brexit for VAT

It has been confirmed that the UK VAT system for domestic transactions will continue in the event of the UK leaving the EU with no deal in March 2019.

Late filing penalties to use points-based system

HMRC has revealed plans for a new penalty system for late tax returns, in the draft Finance Bill 2018/19.

The implications of consent for GDPR

It has been just over a month since the GDPR deadline passed in a whirlwind of consent requests and preference updates, but HMRC has already fallen foul of the new rules.

Tax Reporting for Permanent Transfers

Brett Sipes, Managing Director GTN Pacific

What a personal tax account can do for you

HMRC are encouraging individuals to sign up for a personal tax account as a way of getting greater transparency and control over tax records

Top earners increase their share of tax payments

The figures reveal changes in the distribution of tax revenue over the last decade, with a growing share now coming from higher earners.

HMRC withdraws pensions calculator after issues for high earners

HMRC has been forced to withdraw a pensions calculator after it was discovered to be giving incorrect information. The online service was designed to advise people how much they can save into their pension within tax relief limits.

April increases for auto-enrolment rates

Contribution rates for workplace pensions increased on 6 April 2018, with more increases due in coming years.

Overseas companies owning or buying property in the UK must join public register from 2021

A register revealing owners of overseas companies buying property in the UK will be published by early 2021. The aim is to crack down on criminal gangs laundering money in the UK.

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