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Don’t get caught short - the cost of paying tax in arrears

Nearly 700,000 individuals and firms have entered into tax payment plans after getting into arrears on their tax payments.

What price tax reliefs?

When you look at your annual tax statement, have you ever wondered about the overall cost of the tax reliefs you enjoy? HMRC has published its latest annual assessment of the cost of various tax reliefs, and there are some eye-opening numbers.

2020 Irish Budget

Tax Partner, Ronan McGivern at RBK, shares his analysis and opinion at a Budget Breakfast Briefing in the Talbot Hotel Stillorgan with over 100 attendees. His presentation and further analysis can be seen below.

From tax scams to tax codes - the knowledge gap

As many families across the country waved off students into the next stage of growing up and taking control of their own finances, advice from HMRC on student-targeted scams, coupled with a wider tax knowledge survey, highlight potentially dangerous gaps in public understanding of the tax system.

New thinking for Labour on taxes?

New proposals for reforming capital gains and income tax have been published by an influential think tank which could make their way into an election manifesto.

Loan charge ‘under review’ after sustained campaign

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a review of the loan charge following pressure from campaign groups. The loan charge is estimated to affect around 50,000 people.

Who are the top 1% of income tax payers?

A recent report looking at who pays the most income tax reveals some interesting findings.

A new prime minister, an emergency Budget?

Since taking office on 24 July, the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rolled out plans to boost the economy and public spending. But how will he pay for it?

Self-employed hit by self-assessment system error

If you are self-employed, you may find you have been affected by an HMRC system error which could mean a higher tax bill in January.

Getting to grips with the tax gap

HMRC did not collect 5.6% of the tax revenue due for 2017/18 according to its annual report on the tax gap. And the biggest increase in shortfall was from smaller businesses and individuals.

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