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International Assignee Programs

Global Tax Network focuses on providing tax solutions for corporations with employees on short-term and long-term assignments outside of their home country. We also provide services directly to individual taxpayers who are on assignment or living and working outside their home country, and are responsible for their own tax preparation.

Companies of all sizes can often realize significant cost savings by properly structuring compensation packages provided to their international employees, and by properly controlling the timing of the assignments themselves.

Global Tax Network brings you the expertise and experience to address your international tax issues.

We have a significant amount of experience working with both large companies and companies who are just starting out internationally - the size of your company or number of International Assignees, no matter how large or small, is not a limiting factor.

International Assignee Program Services

The following list is just a sample of the services you can receive from Global Tax Network:

  • Creative assignment planning and compensation structuring, including review of assignment letters, letters of intent, and compensation packages to minimise worldwide tax costs to the company and the individual.
  • Obtaining UK tax approval for non UK pension plans
  • Expatriate and foreign national tax return preparation, including review and analysis of special elections and treaty provisions available to expatriates and foreign nationals.
  • Preparation of annual tax equalization, tax protection, and / or tax reconciliation calculations.
  • Foreign country tax return preparation working in conjunction with GTN US offices and a worldwide affiliation of accounting firms.
  • Expatriate and foreign national compensation tracking and reporting.
  • International Compensation Balance Sheet development and review.
  • Expatriate and foreign national payroll consulting, including administration of UK Modified Payroll Arrangements for foreign national employees.
  • Home and host country tax counselling sessions with the International Assignee and completion of Inland Revenue residence and domicile questionnaires.
  • Tax Treaty planning and consulting.
  • Year of departure and year of repatriation planning.
  • Writing or review of company Tax Equalization policies, up to and including the design and implementation of the company tax equalization program.
  • Writing or review of International Assignee tax handbook.
  • Administration of a company International Assignee (Expatriate and Foreign National) program.
  • Management of, consultation and coordination with outside accountants and service providers, including work permit and immigration services and home search/relocation.

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