Expatriate Payroll Services

Ensuring you are compliant with the UK PAYE (Pay As You Earn) withholding regulations is no mean feat, and there are significant penalties for those that get things wrong.

At GTN, we can review the requirements for UK tax withholding and establish and administer the correct payroll for your globally mobile employees.

Our specialist expatriate payroll services to clients include:

  • Modified PAYE Arrangements for tax equalised assignees working in the UK
  • Short Term Business Visitor applications and administration for PAYE treaty exemption
  • UK payroll for overseas companies employing UK nationals but with no place of business in the UK
  • Shadow payroll for employees working in the UK that continue to be paid from an overseas payroll
  • Administration of Net of Credit schemes and foreign tax withholding claims
  • Audit of expatriate payroll administration and recommendation on best practice for employers
  • A1 certificates for social security / NIC exemptions
  • P11D preparation
  • Assistance with PAYE Settlement Agreements

We can also assist with the administration of both standard local payroll and global payroll and payment delivery in multiple jurisdictions though our affiliated partner firms.

For further information or to find our how we can help, please contact Richard Watts-Joyce on 0207 100 2126.

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