Global Employment Outsourcing

In association with our partner firms, we can provide assistance with international business expansion, enabling growing companies to enter new markets quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re expanding to reach new customers, a richer talent pool or both, Global Employment Outsourcing can help you enter over 180 international markets in as little as two weeks. A GEO solution handles all payroll, benefits, tax and compliance requirements for global and remote workers, enabling employees to focus on their contributions to the company and remove the associated risks of non compliance.

Often, companies will need a quick solution to enter a new market or hire local employees to quickly react to market opportunities, prior to establishing a formal entity which can often take several months. Whilst using an interim GEO solution and accessing a new market, we can assist companies to select and establish appropriate global entities and handle all registration, accounting, corporate tax, transfer pricing and VAT compliance though the GTN partner firm network.

Key benefits of Global Employment Outsourcing include:

  • Development of bespoke solutions for fit the unique needs of each client
  • No matter how complex a country’s employment laws or customs may be, we ensure that every contract, for every worker, meets all requirement
  • Single invoice per country detailing employees’ salary, social costs, commissions and service fees
  • Contracts in local languages, salaries in local currencies, and support in your local time zone
  • Access to a secure GDPR compliant platform to manage employees’ time off, attendance and expenses.

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